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      Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology CO.,LTD is founded in Y2006 with 75 million Yuan registered capital. The company's building area is 35,000㎡. The total investment of company is 5 million Yuan. In order to promote the Internet and Intelligent Manufacturing, Sunglow technology took the lead in upgrading equipments, improving techniques. We will promote the leadership and core competence of company. 

      The company has a lot of advanced equipments and completed systems such as  Manroland  5+1 press 1 set, Manroland  6+1 press  2sets, Manroland  7+1 press 1 set, Manroland  8+2 press 1 set, MarkAndy 12 color rotary printing machine, Gallus 12 color mixing unit printer, 6 color rotary label printing machine, 6 color offset printing presses, Lamination Machine, BOBST Die Cutter, BOBST Folding&Gluing, Hot Stamping, HS Window Patch, Rigid Box Lines.

      Our company was founded 11 years of loyal service and high reputation, winning a number of trusts from well-known enterprises. The company has established a strict quality guarantee system and obtained a few related quality guarantee certifications as well such as ISO9001、BRC、QS.

      We continue improving product quality and the quality of management capabilities.

      The design and production of each product has under strict working procedure, from design to ultimate product are based on careful and precise craft, bringing out superior quality.

      Sunglow technology has been recognized as Shanghai packaging Engineering center, one of Shanghai new high-tech enterprise and “Technology Little Giant” Enterprise of Shanghai in 2013. 

      Contact us
      中国 上海 浦东新区
      康桥路666号 201315
      +86 21 58126169
      中国 上海 浦东新区


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