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      • Talent strategy
        Location:ResourcesTalent strategy

        Work in Xiang Hong Kong

        The rapid development of enterprises is inseparable from the construction of qualified personnel, Xiang Hong Kong is a company that attaches great importance to human resources to win, the staff career planning management, talent pool management as a key work to make every employee clear and quantify Their own in Hong Kong's short, medium and long-term development goals and direction. Through the introduction of market-oriented, and higher than the market-oriented talent value positioning system, eclectic to character selection based on competition and ability to practice people as a way to clear and quantify the development of staff and standards.

        Attention to high-tech talent, enhance the overall professional level

        Strengthen the construction of qualified personnel, enhance the management level

        To contribute to the evaluation of staff, to capacity building as the core

        Improve the use of talent selection mechanism

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        中国 上海 浦东新区
        康桥路666号 201315
        +86 21 58126169
        中国 上海 浦东新区


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