Plan-Shanghai Xianggang Packaging Polytron Technologies Inc


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        1. Plan

                 Xianggang according to the strategic objectives to achieve the ability to build a personnel training system, establish and improve the staff learning organization, and staff development and ability to enhance as the primary task, through post practice training and training tasks, action learning, Training and certification training, tutor system and academic education and other training channels to promote the formation of excellent professional staff and self-growth of good habits in the common growth of employees and enterprises to enhance employee satisfaction.

                 We will provide a good platform and stage for those who want to do things. Our development is very fast, so the desire for talent is very strong. Anyone who wants to do things, we will welcome you to join, because this is a win-win process.

          Contact us
          中国 上海 浦东新区
          康桥路666号 201315
          +86 21 58126169
          中国 上海 浦东新区



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